Bird Watching with Tim Factor

On July 29th, we went to the reservation and participated in some bird watching with Tim Factor. Tim Factor told us to when we're using binoculars to find birds to first spot them with our eyes and then zoom in on them with our binoculars. We saw a lot of different birds that day. We saw a red tailed hawk, a red robin, morning doves, and cardinals. In order to identify birds, you have to observe their shape, size, color markings, beak length and shape, and their call or song. Tim taught us a special noise that intrigues birds and makes them come out in the open to investigate the “strange” noise. Darren had a perfect cardinal call and was able to get a cardinal to respond to his call.
Tim also spoke to us about the anatomy and aerodynamics of a bird’s body and their migratory and mating patterns.

Written by Richard Damas