Wednesday August 12, 2009 Jason Taylor came and talked to us about gas and heat. He first talked about how to save money by turning down or turning off the thermos. He then gave us thermoses and had us try to figure out how to us them so that at a certain times when in the house the heat would go up and when you would leave the house the heat would go down. Jason also talked about how to stay warm when wearing more clothes like sweaters; long underwear, blankets or cuddling with other people turns down the heat. Next he talked to us about how to act if you’re in an interview applying for a green job. He said to smile, say “I want this job because I want to help the earth, and I want to make money for my employer” and to not fail the drug test. He also reminded us on how to politely deal with employers and customers. By calling when your going to be late, care about the place you are working on, and ask nicely to use the radio and bathroom. Jason talked about soft skills by having a good attitude and manners, having respect, solving problems, and showing up. Then we went around the room and read about attitude, aptitude, reliability, independence, personal appearance, and job planning. After he handed out two cock guns and one foam gun. Lastly we went into the hall way and Jason showed us how to do a blow door test. We first connected four long rods like legos then we adjusted it so that it fit in the door next we put a red cloth over it and attached the two thing together. Then we put a big fan in a hole that was at the bottom and measured the winds in the room.

by Denesia Campbell