Energy Efficiency with Jason Taylor

Kwh (kilowatt hours), CFLs

What we did:
Jason talked to us for three hours about energy efficiency and how much money you can save through alternate forms of energy. He also taught us about replacing CFL light bulbs and the dangers of broken light bulbs. We practiced replacing imaginary ones. At the end, he gave us contracts to give our parents, that stated that they had to give us half of the money they would save once we installed new light bulbs in the house.

Two things we learned:
How to change a light bulb:

  1. Get a ladder
  2. Get a helper
  3. Hold cover with one hand, unscrew with the other
  4. Pass light bulb down to helper
  5. Take new light bulb, screw in to ceiling, still holding up cover
  6. Put cover back on
  7. Tip: When screwing in light bulb, hold the base not the glass
What to do if CFL breaks:
  1. Yell “Broken CFL!”
  2. Hold your breath
  3. Get out of the room
  4. Once out of the room, catch your breath and go back in
  5. While holding breath, open all windows and turn on fans
  6. Exit room again
  7. After 15 minutes, enter room and clean up glass
  8. Put the glass in a plastic bag and tie it up; put that plastic bag into another plastic bag and tie that up.

Connection to the reservation:
The whole project was based on energy efficiency, which is a great way to help the environment, and protect the earth from global warming. By using the light bulbs Jason gave us, we are going to make less of an impact on the environment, and the reservation. The one question I have is how does Jason get all these light bulbs to give away? Does the government give his company money to spend on stuff like that?

Written by Ike Bancroft