On Wednesday, August 5th, we went to the Harvard Museum of Natural History. Our tour didn't start until 10, so we walked around the campus with Steven Gillies for a while.When we got back, we found our way upstairs, to see perserved animals and meet the people who study them. Mark and Susan showed us around their offices for a bit, telling us about their job. It's important to perserve animals for future studies, especially since many animals are in danger of going extinct. Mark explained how they perserved animals using carnivorous beetles and alcohol. Susan described the history of the museum. Did you know Harvard's museum is one of the oldest of its kind? They told us a lot about living animals with their dead ones. We saw seven specimens, and split into pairs to give presentations about them to each other. We looked at bats, otters,shrews, beavers, deer, foxes and bunnies. All too soon we had to leave for lunch at Alewife, but our trip was both exciting and informative.

-Louisa Carpenter-Winch, Cambridge