Nature Art
By: Denesia Campbell

Who? With Janet Hobbs

Where? At the beginning of the trail, the picnic tables, and 150 Cambridge Park drive where the art show was held right when you walked in to the right.

Terms: Focus, lighting, landscape, watercolors, angles, photography, and shadowing

What did we do?
On Wednesday July 22, we went into the Meadow and the beginning of the trail and picked out some flowers, and plants that looked pretty or that was easy to draw. Then we went to the picnic table and drew the plants or flowers we picked up she showed us how to draw the picture so that it look more real and nice by putting the plant or flower next to the paper or on the paper pick a good side to draw then look at the plant and draw and just keep looking back and forth from the paper to the plant. Next we watched Janet show us how to watercolor a picture of a tree then we did watercolors and painted a tree of our choice around us after added a nice back round with a mix of colors, a sky, and grass. After lunch we walked to 150 Cambridge park drive where we saw a mini art show with Brooke Mohnkern, a photographer, and he talked to us about focus, lighting, how to angle a picture, and that anyone could be a photographer by using a camera or a cell phone then to edit it on a computer if needed.

What did we see?
We saw an art show with different lightings and focuses on things like water, animals, trees, sticks, and flowers.

Name to specific things you learned and describe:
1) I learned how to shadow a plant so that the picture pops out and looks more real on the paper.
2) I also learned that putting more then one image in the middle helps people interrupt both images and have something more to look at which people would want to pay money for.

Connecting on nature art:
Art is important because its advertising the reservation and giving awareness to people about the reservation how pretty and open it is and how it should stay that way. Art is also helping to give money to save the silver maple forest by selling nature art.