Pole Sawing with Renee Toll-Dubois

We worked along the path of next to the Meadow in Alewife Reservation.

Some terms we learned that day:

Pole Saw: a saw on a pole which can elongate to reach high up branches and limbs
Collar: the begining of the branch on a tree’s trunk
Pruning: grooming trees, removing their dead branches
The Three Cut: First, you make a lower cut to prevent a tear in the bark; Second, you make a cut in the branch an inch or two away from were you did the under cut so the branch comes off; Third, you cut off the small stump trying to avoid doing damage to the trunk and so the tree will heal and not become diseased

We went to the reservation and met a woman named Renee Toll-Dubois who taught us how to make the three cut and to use the pole saw. After that we did some mulching on the trees we pruned. Mulching is when we fill up wheelbarrows with mulch and spread the mulch around the tree so the tree does not get invaded by weeds.

We saw different types of small animals like rabbits and toads and some different types of grasses. We also saw different trees and the adults showed us the differences between them and what there names were.

We learned how to properly use a pole saw and it was difficult because you had to rely on upper body strength which you might not have. We aalso learned how to make a clean three cut in the branch so that the tree does not get harmed.

This work was its important because we want to have the trees and the reservation healthy and looking as best as it can

This project left me with a question "What if half the branch is dead and the other is not, would you still cut it down?”

Written by Charlie Carbone