Solar Workshop: In our solar workshop we were led by a man named John Francis. We listened to John talk about the various ways that we are able to recieve electricity from the outlets in our homes. We also talked about which were better for the enviornment, and how the electricity gets from its natural form to what we see and use it as.
In the workshop we saw all the solar-powered cars, toys, and experiments that he brought as examples of solar-power, and how it works. He also gave us the "Be a Climate Hero" pamphlet, which informs the reader on ways to save energy, use renewable resources, and improve the use of electricity in our home. I learned how solar-power is one of the cleanest energies there is. The reason it is 1 of the cleanest is becuase you don't have to burn it like other materials. When you burn the other resources it lets out harmful emissions, which the sun does not. I also learned that wind-power is somewhat similar, since there are no emissions let out as a result of getting the energy.
I think this connects to the Alewife Reservation because when you help the enviornment by using solar-power you help nature everywhere. I feel AlewifeReservation would benifit directly because it is so close to the Alewife train Station. Being so close the the train stop there is a lot of trash and emissions that come out. If they replaced their old way of getting electricity and power with solar-energy than it would make a big difference in the amount of emissions let out into the enviornment.

One question I had after the solar workshop ended was how do you actually get the sun from the panels to the outlets in your house to get electricity. Another question is, could I install everything myself or would I need a professional electrician to do it. Overall this was a very entertaining workshop and I feel the whole group learned something, and got something out of it

Elijah Scott
Age 14
Belmont Hill